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Rock Climbing

Jennifer Shultz-Schonert

Ridgecrest, CA

Mother of two and an avid climber living with SLE (Lupus), Jennifer Schonert, ever the indomitable force, continues to defy seemingly insurmountable odds in order to chase her passions, conquer goals, and give back to those in need. She can often be found in the Eastern Sierras on some of the best granite in the world. 

"FrictionLabs chalk was pure magic for me after years of dealing with hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating...ew). Until I was graced with the Dust from Unicorns, I was constantly getting pumped from too much re-chalking. Now, I sweat less just knowing I'm covered."

Jennifer Shultz-Schonert

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Jennifer Shultz-Schonert

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