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High Intensity Training

Mykina Boe

Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

Mykina started CrossFit two years ago at age 17. Feel strong, empowered, and alive when pushing her limits, she was hooked. Through CrossFit, shefound weightlifting, which shes loves for its technical challenge and for bringing out her inner badass. Mykina is a student at UCCS and an educator at Lululemon, has a CF-L1 certification and is a licensed EMT. Try to keep up.

"FrictionLabs chalk is the best chalk I've touched! They mean it when they say "Use less. Do more." I don't have to chalk up as much during the WOD, which means faster times. During weightlifting sessions, my hands don't get as dried out."

Mykina Boe

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Mykina Boe

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