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How To Reduce Chalk Dust While Working Out at Home

Just a few weeks ago, we published a guide for How To Reduce Chalk Dust In Your Gym. But what about everyone who is now trying to get their workout in at home?

With many gyms closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we applaud all of you who are staying committed to fitness at home. The FrictionLabs crew is doing the same. Our Operations Manager, Mike Seidel, has been programming core workouts for the team over Slack. And just the other day, our CEO Kevin Brown shared that he successfully got his first one-arm pushup on both sides!

If you’re trying to hangboard, do kettlebell swings, or lift heavy, chalk is critical to maximizing your performance. And still...chalk can REALLY make a mess at home if you aren’t careful. It’s one thing to make a mess at the gym...but what about your living room?

Training with Secret Stuff (Liquid Chalk) significantly reduces chalk dust and mess.
Secret Stuff Liquid Chalk
Secret Stuff Liquid Chalk

Well fear not, we’ve got your back. The same principles that apply to reducing chalk dust in a gym can be used at home. Just follow these tips and you’ll find that you can have the best of both worlds: peak performance at home without making a mess.

  1. DON’T USE TOO MUCH CHALK: Seriously, if you use high quality chalk, you should not have to chalk up every rep/set.
  2. USE LIQUID CHALK: Many of you are used to using chalk blocks, chalk balls, or loose chalk. If your goal is to perform at your best while reducing chalk dust, you might be interested to know that independent research has shown that liquid chalk is the only form of chalk that actually reduces dust in the air.
Uh oh. Wifey isn't going to be happy about that mess.

At FrictionLabs, our Secret Stuff product line addresses this need perfectly.

There is original Secret Stuff and our new Alcohol Free Secret Stuff.  Both products start with our high purity magnesium carbonate. This is important because if you make a chalk product with poor quality ingredients, it’s never going to perform...no matter how much creamer you put in gas station coffee, it’s never going to taste good.

We developed these chalks as creams, which seems counter intuitive. If you want a dry grip, why put cream on your hands? The reason is that the creamy texture allows you to spread your chalk more evenly across your skin. It gives you complete coverage and gets deep into your skin, not just a topical application.

Rub the cream on your hands where you need grip. Secret Stuff will quickly evaporate while Alcohol Free Secret Stuff takes about two minutes to dry. Once it’s dry, you’ll be amazed at how long the chalk lasts, especially if you’ve only ever used chalk blocks before. Most athletes can use our base-layer products as little as once in a workout to get the grip they desire. This guide can help you determine which base-layer is best for you.

A perfect layer of Magnesium Carbonate chalk with less mess!
Alcohol Free Secret Stuff
Get It
Alcohol Free Secret Stuff
Get It

For many of you, a single application of Secret Stuff applied to clean, dry hands at the beginning of your home workout will be enough to last the whole session. If you look at your hands and see some skin showing through the chalk, just rub your hands together and you should be all set to keep going. If you mostly see skin and very little chalk, or if your hands are starting to feel slippery, it may be time to reapply another layer of liquid chalk.

That’s it! After you’re done with your workout, just wash your hands with soap and water (for at least 30 seconds!) and you should be good to go. If you really got after it and need some healing goodness on your skin, use a product designed for fast skin repair like Climbskin Hand Cream.

You might be a little hesitant to bring chalk into your home. Give the tactics above a shot and you should find that you have nothing to worry about. And please, if you try this at home, let us know! We’d love to hear from you and get some extra psych from others who are trying to stay fit at home as well! Shoot us a DM @frictionlabs or drop us a line at info@frictionlabs.com.

Clean as a whistle. Happy Wife = Happy Life. ;)

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