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The Next Evolution in Grip

Between sweat and humidity, a wet grip kills power and control, driving up unforced errors that cost players points. We're here to change that.
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Secret Stuff® Liquid Grip Chalk is a high performance cream that dries quickly on your hands to give you that fresh grip feeling throughout practice or a match. Even when your overgrip is wet, Secret Stuff keeps your hands drier, longer so you can serve, swing, volley, and slice without having to compensate for a sweaty grip.

  • Originally developed for rock climbers, trusted by top racquet pros
  • Apply a small amount before play and as needed during changeovers
  • Fresh grip feeling without changing your overgrip or constantly toweling off
  • Reduce wrist and elbow pain from gripping too hard to compensate for a wet grip
  • Simple ingredients and pH-balanced formulations keep your skin and nail-beds healthy
  • Alcohol Free and Hygienic formulas are ultra-low dust and won't leave marks on clothes/gear
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"It's a gel to not have sweaty hands ... I started using it last year in Winston-Salem, and after this my results were only going up ... it helps me so much because otherwise I just cannot hold the racquet. It just slips out of my hand."
Daniil Medvedev
Professional Tennis Player, 2021 US Open Winner

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