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Dropping this week... Jason in Hueco Land! A new film by Nathaniel Davison and FrictionLabs Pro Jason Kehl -CryptoChild. Spend a few days with Jason as he reveals what he's been up to since moving to El Paso last year--exploring and establishing 5 star lines in his beloved Tanks. 

#chalkmatters #hueco #yielding

It's aliiiiiiiiive! Jason In Hueco Land! Journey into the dark recesses of Hueco Tanks with FrictionLabs Pro and lifelong developer Jason Kehl -CryptoChild as he uncovers new 5 star lines and shares them with the world. Video and edit by Nathaniel Davison Special thanks to the HTSP crew for their assistance and permission to shoot aerial footage in the park.

FrictionLabs Pro Will Anglin back at it in Hueco showing us his Full Monty, V12. Yet another Fred Nicole classic! 

Video: Michael Rosato #chalkmatters #frednicole frictionlabs.com

FrictionLabs Athlete Jeremy Fullerton touring a few classic Hueco test-pieces—Rumble In The Jungle, V12 and Power of Landjager, V11. 

#weeklymo #chalkmatters frictionlabs.com

To drop knee or not to drop knee? That is the question. FrictionLabs Pro Paul Dusatko beta battles it out with his #wifey and FL Athlete Emily Dusatko on the unique White Walker, V8 in the Poudre Canyon, CO. #chalkmatters #weeklymo GoProFrictionLabs.com

Without further ado, FrictionLabs presents RoofTown Vol 1 featuring FL Pro Matt Gentile! In the hinterlands of Flagstaff, AZ lie untouched limestone boulders straight out of a climber's day dream. Join Matt as he transforms this dreamscape from imagination into first ascent reality. Follow him through "a day in the life" of exploration and development on some of the best and boldest blocs the Western USA has to offer! A film by Nathaniel Davison in association with ORGANIC Climbing.#chalkmatters #climbyourimpossible frictionlabs.com

FrictionLabs Pro Jason Kehl -CryptoChild continues to sniff out gems in the dark recesses of Hueco Tanks. Here he is on the first ascent of Shadow Time, a unique compression line with an airy finish. #yielding #weeklymo #chalkmatters frictionlabs.com

FrictionLabs Pro Will Anglin taking down Fred Nicole's North Mountain test-piece Alma Blanca, V13 in Hueco. 

Video + Edit by Michael Rosato

#weeklymo frictionlabs.com

FrictionLabs​ Pro Dave Graham​ giving us the low down prior to repeating the classic Pied de Biche, 8B+ near Verbier, Switzerland. Nice work DG! 


Ooooh man! We sent Nathaniel Davison down to Flagstaff, AZ to document "a day in the life" of FrictionLabs Pro Matt Gentile. What he came back with was unreal! Our tips were sweaty just watching the footage so... we chalked up! Ha! Full vid coming soon. Stay tuned! #chalkmatters #frictionlabs #climbyourimpossible

FrictionLabs Pro Sam Davis nabs the 3rd ascent of Throwback, V14 on the Limestone Roofs of Flagstaff, AZ.

FrictionLabs Pro Alex Puccio making Scream, V11 (middle start) look easy in Hueco Tanks State Park, TX.

FrictionLabs athlete Ana Burgos cruising the unique and sustained B*^ch Slap 5, V9 in Red Rocks, NV. #chalkmatters #climbyourimpossible 

Video: Sam Davis

FrictionLabs Athlete Josh Larson sampling a few blocs in the forest of kings and queens! #chalkmatters

FrictionLabs Pro and Alex Puccio's second half, Joel Zerr taking down the mega classic Power Of Silence, V10 during the 2015 Hueco Rock Rodeo, Hueco Tanks, TX. Sick Joel! #climbyourimpossible

Weekly MO YO! FrictionLabs Athlete and Team Manager Paul Dusatko climbs Daniel Woods' classic Carefully By Hand, V12 in Elkandia, CO.www.frictionlabs.com

FrictionLabs Pro Alex Puccio making quick work of Mysterious Ways, V11 in Wild Basin, RMNP, CO! #climbyourimpossible #chalkmatters www.frictionlabs.com

Weekly MO dose! FrictionLabs​ Athlete Jeremy Fullerton​ getting all sticky icky on the perfect stone of Moment of Truth, V10 in Joe's Valley, UT. #chalkmatters #climbyourimpossible


FrictionLabs Athlete Ian Cotter-Brown topping out the first ascent of The Last Crusade V11/12 in Wild Basin, RMNP, CO.

Weekly MO(tivation) alert! The newest addition to the FrictionLabs squad,Matthew Fultz getting buck on the 4th ascent of James Webb's Wheel Of Wolvo, V15 in Lincoln Lake, CO aka Wolverineland aka Wolvo.

Exclusive! FrictionLabs Pro climber / budding filmmaker Joe Kinder hooked us up with his latest filmwork featuring his send of La Cucaracha, 8C+ / 5.14c, in Rifle CO... Think art house / music video / redpoint footage piece more than climbing video. Enjoy! Soundtrack: Isaiah Toothtaker (Viewer discretion is advised) 

FrictionLabs Pro Austin Geiman out for a cruise on the RMNP classic, Sunspot, V10. #uselessdomore. Some try hard on the ol' Sunspot. Thanks for the fun day Alexis Mascarenas and Megan Mascarenas#sportclimbingcenter

FrictionLabs Pro Daniel Woods gettin' his squeeze on in Lincoln Lake, CO! The Great War for Civilisation, V13.

FrictionLabs Pro Sammy D cranking through the bouldering paradise that is ZA!

TBT FrictionLabs athlete Josh Muller styilin' out Fred Nicole's testpiece, Esperanza, V14 in Hueco Tanks State Park

FrictionLabs Pro Paul Robinson with the FA of Stranger Things, V12 in Moraine Park, RMNP, CO!

 FrictionLabs Pro Will Anglin, coming in hot with his repeat of Unshackled Sit, V11(post break) in Lincoln Lake, CO!

 FrictionLabs Pro Will Anglintaking down the burly James Webb line Dismantling The Enemy, V12 at Lincoln Lake, CO.

A new Speed climbing World Record was set in the Speed Men Finals at World Championships 2014 in Gijon: the fastest men on earth, and Speed World Champion, is the Ukraine Danylo Boldyrev, with an astonishing 5.60. Behind him Stanislav Kokorin (RUS).

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