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Pop quiz. What does FrictionLabs Pro Alex Puccio do on the reg?

Top out boulders! ;) Here's another! Evil Backwards, V13. Lincoln Lake, CO. Video: Joel Zerr

Alex's favorite blend? Secret Stuff + Gorilla Grip. #chalkmatters #weeklymo 

Want mo Weekly MO? 

You got it! FrictionLabs​ Athlete Matthew Fultz​ powers through the Lincoln Lake, CO compression/tension classic Bebe Wolverine, V12. 


Let's cool it down with a lil Weekly MO from Connor Griffith​ and Nathaniel Davison​. As Connor and Nate roam the Indian Peaks Wilderness they occasionally stumble upon long forgotten gems... Unnamed V8ish mega trav somewhere out there.

#chalkmatters frictionlabs.com

Day dreaming about your next proj? So are we! :) Here's some Weekly MO from FrictionLabs Pro Jon Cardwell... JC putting that Bam Bam (super chunky) to good work on the tricky pinches and side pulls of Stocking Stuffer, 5.14d in Rifle, CO. Video: FL Pro Matty Hong

Bouldering in the Grand Tetons? Yup! This week's Weekly MO' comes courtesy of FrictionLabs Athlete Joshy Lahsen and crew as they established a few classics in the forested boulders below the famous Wyoming peaks.

FrictionLabs Pro Matt Gentile is back in action roaming the unexplored badlands of Flagstaff, AZ. With climbing filmmaker Nathaniel Davison in tow the duo showcase some of the most progressive first ascents in The West! From world class caves hidden deep in river canyons to exposed limestone roof highballs, RT Vol 2 will get you hyped to explore and dream of first ascents in your own personal bouldering wonderland. Presented by FrictionLabs, Organic Climbing, and Hippy Tree.#chalkmatters #bouldering #keepclimbing #climbyourimpossible #frictionlabs

FrictionLabs Athlete Will Anglin styles out the powerful and technical Stanley Kubrick, V11 in Clear Creek Canyon, CO.

FrictionLabs Athlete Jonny Hork aka JHork cruising two classics in Roy, New Mexico. Bear Toss, V11 and No Tiempo Moss, V10.

#chalkmatters #keepclimbing #frictionlabs

In production... FrictionLabs Pro Matt Gentile and filmmaker Nathaniel Davison are back it! Scouring the backcountry and hinterlands outside of Flagstaff, Arizona for 5 star roof lines and highballs. Stay tuned!

What does it take to climb at your personal limit? FrictionLabs Pro Joe Kinder explores his vision and personal process during the bolting, development, and ascent of Planet Garbage, 5.14d/9a in Rifle, CO!

FrictionLabs Pro Alex Puccio demonstrates the non-kneebar beta for Rumble In The Jungle in Hueco Tanks, TX.

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